What You Need to Know Before Booking a Holiday or Cruise

The travel industry was deregulated 01 July 2015. Previously, an industry with very tight controls, Australia now has a much more open market. This has paved the way for many new and inexperienced travel businesses to emerge. In line with deregulation, the Travel Compensation Fund was also dissolved. This means that travellers no longer have a safety net for recovery of funds if/when a travel supplier fails.


Be alert to deals that seem too good to be true. And ensure you always look out for the green and white logos below.


Our partnership with our clients is based on mutual trust and we do what is best for our clients following our company's values and methods.


The best protection a consumer can have when booking travel arrangements, is to look for the ATAS symbol. ATAS stands for the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (operated by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents). Mildura Travel & Cruise is a member of both bodies.


This accreditation requires strict standards to be maintained in operation of a travel business. Learn more about AFTA or ATAS by clicking on the logo below.